Blog - Summary of webinars

Whether it's an exciting or stressful time of year, the rentrée is the perfect time to talk about our emotions! How to understand and live with our emotions is the subject of the latest Cala Learning Hub webinar.

Agility, resilience, proactivity... These workplace buzzwords are very often overused. This new Cala Learning Hub webinar was therefore a welcome opportunity to shed some light on the matter !

Action Learning is a fast and effective tool that is of increasing interest to companies. How does it work? And what are the benefits? Answers in today's webinar!

Whether you are an HRD or a manager, what is the best way to deal with an employee's burnout? Answer and explanations in this new Cala Learning Hub webinar.

This webinar from April 2021 was about communicating in a virtual environment. A chance to discuss a topical subject with many practical tips as a bonus.

On the menu of the last Cala Learning Hub webinar: the discovery of an innovative tool that allows you to better understand your personality and thus develop your leadership.