Blog - Summary of webinars

Join us for another year of discussions!

What exactly is cultural intelligence? And how can we develop it to make it easier to relate to others, particularly at work? Here are the 5 key steps to understanding CQ and how to develop it.

What if leadership also meant women? The October 2023 webinar encouraged participants to consider the headwinds facing women in leadership

To best manage the diversity of their employees and make their teams more effective, inclusive managers need to create a climate of trust that encourages dialogue. Find out how in today's webinar

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace has many virtues, not least that of creating resilience. But what exactly are these virtues? And what are the benefits? Find out in our July 2023 webinar.

Inclusive leadership is essential if companies are to reap the full benefits of employee diversity. But how can you best prepare to implement a diversity and inclusion initiative ? Here's some practical advice.

In keeping with the ambition of supporting inclusive leaders, the May 2023 webinar addressed the notions of change and complexity in the workplace. How to deal with these? And what are the right questions to be asked?