Blog - Summary of webinars

A new webinar means a new topic. This time, Cala Learning Hub members were able to learn more about DiSC too and what it brings to interpersonal relationships.

HIP stands for High Intellectual Potential. But who exactly are they? And how can we detect and support these atypical professionals in companies? The answers in our latest webinar.

Continuous learning and development is crucial for employees and their companies. Here are the 6 key steps to instil this learning culture in your organization.

The onboarding of international employees should not be taken lightly! In this month's Cala Learning Hub webinar, we discussed the 5 steps to achieve this

Becoming aware of one's leadership skills and the actions that can make a person grow as a leader. This was the exciting topic of the latest Cala Learning Hub webinar.

What prevents women from asserting themselves and speaking up in the workplace? Answers and practical solutions in this new Cala Learning Hub webinar.