A new year means a new cycle of webinars for the Cala Learning Hub, the first of which will take place on Friday 4th February 2022 from 1 to 2 pm.

What is the Cala Learning Hub?

It is an international learning community that aims to enable professionals from different backgrounds to meet and exchange on various topics related to personal and professional development.

Our discussions are facilitated by a team of expert coaches and trainers and take place in English and French.

Here is the programme for the coming months. Please don't hesitate to make a note in your diaries today and to share this opportunity with people in your respective networks!

  • 4th February from 1-2pm (in French) with Joanna MENEZES
    • « 5 étapes pour relever le défi du management d’une équipe diversifiée »
  • 11th March from 1-2pm  (in French) with Sigrid HUBNER-KOLLI
    • « Comprendre ses réactions sous stress et celles de ses collaborateurs grâce au Process Communication Model (PCM) »
  • 8th April from 1-2pm (in English) with Marie STEPHENSON
    • « Relase your Powerful Female Voice »
  • 13th May from 1-2pm (in French) with Pierre NENERT
    • « Comment développer un leadership conscient ? »
  • 10th June from 1-2pm (in English) with Joanna MENEZES
    • « 5 steps to successfully onboard employees from a different country »
  • 1st July from 1-2pm (in French) with Ludivine TRANNOIS
    • « Comment développer une Learning Culture au sein de son entreprise ? »
  • 9th September from 1-2pm (in French) with Mathilde KALKAS
    • « Comprendre le Haut Potentiel en 7 questions »
  •  7th October from 1-2pm (in English) with Sara BRUZY
    • « How to use the DiSC tool to create value in relationships »
  • 18th November from 1-2pm (in French) with Miguel MARGARIDO
    • « Faire parler les chiffres : une compétence indispensable"
  • 15th December from 6.30pm onwards 
    • ANNUAL NETWORKING EVENT ! in Paris and in person (if the sanitary conditions allow for this of course)

Please note that these webinars are free of charge and will be held via the platform Zoom.

To receive our invitations to the webinars, please contact us via our website https://www.cala-consulting.com/fr/contact.html

See you soon!